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i was told i'm just a lawyer watching you sign i'm sherri n. let's get started with the headlines. told hundreds of thousands of people in southern and western japan are taking culture under the surprise of a powerful typhoon. iraqi lawmakers can't agree on the way forward even as they face the threat of militants pushing toward the capital. and in the region to use it though it is critical in determining who will become the country's next president. in the once these elections. japanese authorities are warning people to brace for what could be one of the worst storms in decades typhoon nobody is
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already bringing strong winds and rain. to the southern prefecture of okinawa whether officials of a should emergency warnings. and more than half a million people have been advised to find safe shelter. scientists with the meterological agency save people on the ok now of main island should prepare for heavy rain. the vocal warns of high winds and waves and storm surges for the island. and for them yankel island region to the south. authorities have advised that around five hundred and ninety thousand residents throughout the prefecture to evacuate. officials are telling people to head to evacuation facilities or stain side structures that can withstand strong winds. eight people have been injured. one man was blown over by strong winds and broke his read as. the ok now i lecture part company says more than eighty six thousand households are without electricity. airlines have canceled all flights to and from the islands. ships that travel between islands have halted service.
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the typhoon has also fourth public schools to close. officials say the typhoon could affect people in other parts of japan as wall. q sure yeah. he she knew that we need to be extremely cautious about heavy rain and landslides in western japan for toyota is calling on people in the region to evacuate before that typhoon gets any closer. let's now get more on that system from my sheltie typhoon agree actually slightly decreases intensity but it's still a threat. to lives and properties across the island of okinawa. it is looking like it may even sure jurors. q shoe. and possibly even make a landfall you see the forecast being a little bit more concise than before. and it is. has picked up this pace at twenty five kilometers per hour so. around. thursday morning. it could make landfall which is a very bad news because. about three hundred seventy millimeters of rainfall has accumulated already in the past forty eight hours in
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and around kumamoto. so normal rain is welcome here. not only the rain it but the gusts are very strong it is already impacting the islands of okinawa. okinawa me uncle are among the regions are seeing real strong winds. two hundred thirty four. enough to blow away small buildings. and the wave will be up to about fourteen meters high. on top of this there is the spring tide. so the full moon will come in are on saturday. and it's already peaking with the sea level rise so. all combined. are great recipes for coastal flooding. there are emergency warnings in place across seas pleasance this means to take immediate actions to protect your lives. not only the winds. the wind will be actually winding down a bow the time it reaches q.c. however the rain will just keep on accumulating in these additional rainfall. is not a good news at all for the areas that the fluid conditions. not yet completely alleviated talk about more of that in the latter half of this program back to you.
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my show you are there with the latest on tie for no good you know iraqi lawmakers have taken another step backward in their effort to form a united front they have delayed parliament for more than a month. they're under pressure to cobble together a new government to deal with an insurgency by flatmate's militants. more from n.h. heroes craig dale. day after day iraqi government forces have been fighting to regain territory from sunni extremists. they've been hitting the militant positions from the ground. and from the air. but they mark no major victories. the same could certainly be said for the country's bitterly divided lawmakers. they've been unable to form a unity government. and they've now suspended parliament for at least five weeks and many blame prime minister nuri al maliki. they say he has long favored his fellow shia muslims at the expense of sunni muslims and kurds. and put the interests of the country first. u.s.
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officials say all parties need to put aside sectarian divisions and political ambitions. to be blunt about it. reaching those. agreements. and making those difficult decisions. are necessary for it to survive. the sunni extremists swept into iraq last month from their strongholds in syria. they seize towns and cities in the north and west. then they announced they were establishing in the slum mixtape. iraqi forces have been challenged to stop their advance. so much so they've started building a two meter high barrier about one hundred kilometers northeast of baghdad. iraqis are seeing the impact of the conflict in communities across the country. civilians killed or wounded in the government air strike in the north. and more deaths following a suicide bombing in the capital. regional leaders are warning the future looks grim. egyptian president abdel fatah al sisi says people need to know the region is. being destroyed in the name of religion.
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and so again and again the discussion goes back to whether prime minister maliki is capable of leading a rock out of this crisis. i think it's time for for most of them i think for the former iraqi prime minister ayad allawi has added his voice to the chorus calling for maliki's resignation. if he stays on. i think that will be significant problems and becomes the in the roots of some of this. and i believe done to you know what's cool is that all the talk. this from government. for now iraq is still iraq. but its future won't just depend on these soldiers. it also hinges on these lawmakers. and their ability to find common ground in the face of a common threat. was. craig dell and h.p. world. now afghans have been waiting to find out who will be their next leader. electoral officials have given them a hint.
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the relief program in the early results from the presidential runoff vote last month. and former finance minister i frogz going needs leaving the race to replace handmade cards i get the show saying a knee has more than fifty six percent of the vote. they say former foreign minister abdullah abdullah has just over forty three percent of dawn got the most votes in the first round of the election. but he fell short of an outright majority. has accused the electoral officials a fraud. he says he want to accept any results. unless there is a full investigation. the officials have admitted the senior members of the security forces and high ranking government officials engaged in vote breaking. they say they'll carry out an investigation. and then oust the final results. the two candidates draw their support from different ethnic bases. and some fear a disputed result could widen the ethnic risk of sed. and japan's prime minister is in australia seeking to zero.
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and new era in trade and diplomacy shinzo abbott has addressed members of parliament. becoming the first japanese leader to do so. he explained japan's new approach to security and a call for closer cooperation with the straining leaders. japan is now watching. to change its legal basis for security to so that we can. join to the. with the country. in many ways as possible. we want to make japan. a country that will look to build an international order. that upholds the rule of law and members of our best cabinet decided last week to reinterpret the constitution to enable japan to exercise its right to collective self-defense. they want personnel to be able to defend our lives under attack.
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alba told members of the australian house of representatives that your panel will keep of value of peace made after world war two the prime minister also referred to maritime security. there's a joint together of the mall. in order to make the vast sea. from the pacifist ocean. to the indian. and those ties. open free. japanese and other leaders have always concerned over china's accords. what stores its planes in the east and south china sea and. indonesians are discussing and debating the choices they face as they prepare to vote in a presidential election. they go to the polls on wednesday. many will decide between two major candidates with two distinct stories. sixty two year old pro bowlers to be. anto is a veteran politician and a former military general.
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his family belongs to the country in the lead. fifty three year old dzhokhar widow though is the governor of jakarta and a former businessman. is consider an outside the old system. of forty percent of indonesia's population of three hundred and fifty million is under twenty four years old. for many young voters this election will be they're forced to make a world junior seau model meets. to have made up their minds. twenty two year old. risky algebra. has decided to cast his vote for travel. in this election. this is my first time. using my. voting rights. in the presidential election. the real regs i had to have my voice heard in this country. you know works for a financial company. that belongs to one of the country's biggest a conglomerate. he supported. jocko.
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when he became the governor of jakarta. two years ago. but he feels that jericho has failed to deliver on. some of his promises. from improving housing conditions. to fixing massive traffic jam. i do not think he has his will for the presidency right now. and i would like to see him. improving. not improve even changing. to cora. because this was his promise to us. the ski spent six years studying abroad. and received an m.b.a. in the us. he is now back. living permanently in indonesia has noticed that you only build skyscrapers and shopping most baffling. but this case says. the country still has a lot to improve. thank you mr young so it's more civil.
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for the president's opposition. he has a bear a vision for the country. he has great concept for the macro economic burden of the year. joint year old university student. found then. a no. lisa is another first time. water. he visited just got back to back done with java to volunteer for a job cause campaign. he was shocked to see how many children in the area. live in slums. are you studying at junior high school. not anymore. my mother would not allow me to me. this is the real. indonesia where you see high buildings on one side. but on the other side. you also see slum areas where saddam has decided to vote for joko. because of his policies.
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to help the poor. during his seven years in office. as mayor of the central java. city. obs look at that joker. created. received care for the low income people. and his static of similar projects in jakarta. as government fog i'm feeling better now than ever. indonesian news a bottom up approach it up with the bombing. yeah. we need a leader that will give welfare to the people not to show off to the outside world what. indonesia can do. but a leader that there's real work in every layer to reach a village for people's prosperity. i can only find that quality in djoko. sixteen years ago. tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets. to overthrow them. the heart of those regimes. pro bono is oklahoma military general.
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during the height of the sierra thousands says that if trouble were elected. it would feel as if the country were taking the step that course. the money in suharto's arrow. we didn't live with freedom. we didn't have democracy or. indonesia has moved forward. there is no way we would move backward. on saturday. thousand birds bedded in a rally her jug of. about ten thousand. mainly young people gathered to show their support in the eyes of the supporters. djoko is the one who understand the needs of a younger generation. a veteran politician who project himself as a strong leader. with ties to the establishment or. a cult made former businessman. with a focus on improving the lives of the poor.
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foreigners here will make their choice. soon join us model and educate a world jakarta. and there in the early june gave us an update on the race. it was easier to make predictions a few weeks ago. when we don't know had a healthy weight and in the poll. now the gap has narrowed. and many consider this race. too close to call. i don't even think the candidates themselves feel confident about the result. right now. indonesians are in the middle of the three day. cooling down period. before election day. so things are quiet. across the country as voters to figure out who they want to leave them. for the next five years. indonesians are eligible to vote. when they turn seventeen. and almost one in three registered voters is younger than thirty. both camps.
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as i have relied on the young volunteers to get their messages out. on social media. it's an effective strategy. in terms of geography. the contrary has more than thirteen thousand islands. and is as wide as north america. from ace to west. that's using trader. facebook and other services. also helps the campaign to reach the millions of first time voters. analysts i've spoken to say. many young voters remain undecided. they say they'll have a significant impact on the outcome. once they make up their minds. on whom to support. and japanese leaders have an update on the state of the economy they're looking for the broadest measure of trade and investment with the rest of the world. the current account has a surplus for the fourth month. in a row. finance minister official same may.
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the surplus reached more than five billion dollars that was higher than many analysts had expected. still it's down four hundred thirty million dollars from the same point last year. all nuclear plants in the country are offline. so the people who run utilities have been importing more and more fuel to power businesses and homes. the slide to a deficit in trade of six point six billion dollars. but overseas investment made up for the shortfall. the primary income accounts reflect how much japan earns from those investments. and the account. hit a surplus of fourteen and a half billion dollars. a senior chinese diplomat has called on u.s. authorities to correct accusations. he says they made up he says the americans fabricated claims that chinese military officials. hast into u.s. computers to steal. trade secrets. assistant foreign minister saying long made the comment before a meeting of chinese and u.s. government. socials.
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they're gathering in beijing for a strategic and economic dialogue. u.s. authorities emain charged five chinese officers with commercial spying. sayin said. the case. shows u.s. leaders aren't sincere about addressing cyber security and he said their attitude has damaged trust which is you doing to me phone. china continues to call in the u.s. to correct the erroneous and create conditions enabling. dialogue and cooperation lives by the issues. some volatility and. sunset prosecutor should withdraw but charges against the also stores and he suggested chinese officials would pull out of this caution from cyber security. with their american counterparts. and both sides are hoping they'll be able to resolve some of their issues during their talks matthew goodman served as an economic advisor to u.s. president barack obama. and h.k. was a close how could i ask him what to expect.
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first of all i'd like to ask you what the focus of the strategic and economic dialogue will be this time. one issue that has been a constant refrain between the u.s. and china on the economic side. is the foreign exchange. question. and it's frankly unfair. is the term that. even secretary lew the treasury secretary use the other day. so i think that one will be. as always a high priority. the two sides also have been negotiating a bilateral investment treaty and. last year there was quite a breakthrough because china. was willing to negotiate. that treaty. on the basis that the united states wants to see which is the so-called negative list approach to regulation and. fair to equal treatment of investors. even before they have stablished their position in a country. so that will be a major focus of the bilateral investment treaty. there is a. still.
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concern about the position of xi jinping the president of china. and his position. in power and he's clearly trying to consolidate his power. has been very effective in doing that. but as part of that he's been launching or following through on a very. strong forceful anti corruption campaign. which is targeted. some very senior officials as well as lower level officials. and that's creating a bit of a chill. over the the. policy making process in china where people are kind of afraid to make decisions. so i think that's potentially a problem for economic reform. in china and possibly for other issues. both high seem to have less leverage. compared to the past. what do you think is the food that can be devised the dialogue. i don't see any really major breakthroughs.
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so for example i mentioned that there is a negotiation over the bilateral investment treaty. i don't think there will be agreement on a bilateral investment treaty announced. i think people can be very cynical about this because it seems on some level like just a bunch of hot air. but. i actually think dialogue is very important between these two countries given. how big we are. how much. we have both in common and. you know in areas of difference. and i think we just. we need to continue to talk to each other so we're. we're sure that we don't make any miscalculations based on misunderstanding i think it's very important that we understand each other better. even if we don't agree. if we want. this truce to remain would you introduce the tokyo market. in markets around the world from the decision that could change the course of an economy. because then you ask for an exchange. up to the minute.
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market research and analysis by specialists from around the world. people will be just reading. here the people of world soccer's governing body have reviewed a foul against one of the sport's biggest stars. fifo officials say they will not penalize the colombian player who collided with brazilian striker neymar. officials analyze footage of the incident from friday's world cup quarter final defender want soon you gonna need. neymar in the back. name a fracture of the verger brian had to pull out of the turn the meant. the fuzz disciplinary committee said the officials on the field called a foul at the time. so they said they can't take any additional action against you and you go in a separate decision the fee for rejected an appeal from brazil the teams captain. tiago c.e.o. of all received a yellow card during the quarter final match. that was his second caution in the tournament. and has been banned for one match. as a result brazilian team members will face germany on tuesday.
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without their star player or their captain. now on the earthquake has shaken communities along the border between mexico and guatemala. the quake measured a magnitude of six point nine. authorities say at least five people have died. the u.s. geological survey says. the earthquake struck on monday morning. the focus was about sixty kilometers underground. reuters reports of the dead including a newborn baby the news agency quotes guatemalan president although fed is saying the ceiling of a hospital in the city of so marcos collapsed killing the boy. dozens of other people have been injured. officials in the mexican state of chap was say two people were killed by falling walls. let's now go back to my shows you for the world weather forecast. typhoon overy is not only. directly impacting the islands of okinawa. but also. exasperating the situ. across to shoot end in tears izing.
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the rainy season. season band. and that's going to be very bad news we already have this much. amount of rainfall that accumulated over the past forty eight hours. but what is doing is that it's. surging a lot of that human moisture and moving it all the way towards the rainy season then so because of the anti-clockwise rotation. it's carrying all this humid a washer and making it favorable for really heavy rainfall we're talking about three hundred to five hundred millimeters of rainfall in the next forty eight hours on top of the dishes that you've already seen so cute shoes shikoku. these are the areas where the bulk of that very heavy rain will continue to fall on top of the flooding areas there which this situation is still yet. alleviated. and the rain will make it would say all the way into worse rest of japan because the typhoon will be dead. making its way. and possibly making landfall it's a cute shoes so there's a direct impact of this and. there is a seasonal by you this banda that's going to be creating kevvy heavy rainfall.
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not only that it's also affecting eastern china as well as taiwan with stormy weather. and then they are of bands well because bringing heavy rain to southern areas of korea as well and. also the search of the southwestern and soon to flow is being enhanced so the western coast of the philippines. also seeing bulk of that heavy rain making it favorable for flooding situation. now let's move over to the american continent where the eastern half is seeing lots of the severe weather we have over sixty reports of hail storms. and many damaging gusts reported. this is due to this system traveling all the way towards the east and the heavy bulk of that rain. will be in and around the great lakes region. and that's traveling in towards the eastern. mid atlantic areas where are seeing a lot of rainfall across the four corners which could lead to flash flooding. but nor precipitation inside in northern california. we may see some dry thunderstorms ignite. wildfire fresno at forty one degrees down. for and chicago you're already seeing threshold of that thunderstorms.
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new york at thirty three we're locking out to our washington d.c. also heating up in the mid thirty's mid summer range there on your tuesday. are you now for extended forecast.
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and all for this edition of news line will be back at the top of the hour.
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in chicago in the same choice of the change journeys in japan look at you on a special tour of japan. it's time i visit the town of anthem you know enough honestly that your it is described as one of the landscape that represent the good ole countries around us to carry a camera and. it's been a certain spot for three days. it's time we listen in on what women are really thinking. in a female part of room. watch as amazing human stories unfold within the cameras frame and back in seventy two hours. nineteen. june into sunday for information on cutting can step in the signs and acknowledge.
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it's time we will introduce the world's first identical tumor tracking radiotherapy device which was invented in japan. then to deep into the jungle cambodia. and experience home cooking. and it's been fierce. with celebrity chefs who killed in two cultures muse and recipes with the village chief on tommy's new clinic. and saw me show him a mechanic and coo of the local delicacy. it's against anomaly been to as exotic as you can. on a seems to be true of a lot. the it's a nice quality of the firm decide if the in the rainy season is finally over.
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and the sun is shining down over. over the alto. the greenery of the fields. deepens by the day.


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